Residential Claims AdjustFirst specializes in negotiating Residential Claims with Homeowners Insurance Policies.
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Public Insurance Adjusters A Public Adjuster is a licensed professional that exclusively works for the policy holder and never the insurance company.
Commercial Claims AdjustFirst specializes in representing Business Owners with Commercial Insurance Coverage.
ADJUST FIRST PUBLIC ADJUSTERS LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD Who We Are AdjustFirst is a licensed public adjusting firm that specializes in insurance claims. We Work For You Public Adjusters are licensed by the California Department of Insurance and only represent the insured. What We Do AdjustFirst represents you before the insurance company.  We interpret your policy and submit all required documentation as required by the insurance contract.  Maximize Your Settlement Our Adjusters work on claims everyday.  We have the time and experience in the preparation of your claim.  We are very familiar with the rules and regulations of the insurance industry and Fair Claims Practices.
Wind Damage  Offer:  $56,102.06 Settlement:  $388,039.81 Increase:  591% Owner:  Home Owner   A large tree fell onto the home causing major structural damage.  Initial adjuster did not allow for City Permits and or Engineered Plans.  AdjustFirst negotiated a fair settlement offer including the aforementioned items. Commercial Fire Damage Offer:  $255,049.59 Settlement:  $411,160.43 Increase:  61% Owner:  Investor     Commercial fire damage with an initial offer of $255,049.59 from the Insurance Carrier.  AdjustFirst negotiated a fair settlement offer exceeding $411,160.43. Commercial Fire Damage  Offer: $150,000.00 Settlement:  $313,599.87 Increase:  109% Owner:  Retail Store  A Retail Store suffered a fire with smoke throughout.  All business stock items were considered a total loss.  A detailed inventory was generated with Retail and Wholesale pricing for the Actual Cash Value Settlement.
Frank Arbiso  - Senior Public Insurance Adjuster Public Adjuster California State License 2I89720 (Verify) General Contractor - California State License 982805 (Verify) Frank   Lawrence   Arbiso   is   a   Principal   and   Executive   General   Adjuster   at   Adjust   First   Public Insurance Adjusters.      Since   2000,   he   maintains   a   California   contractors   license   and   has   been retained   as   an   expert   in   numerous   claims.      Frank   is   an   expert   in   negotiating   large   and complex   claims   with   many   multi-million   dollar   settlements.      He   is   a   certified   appraiser   & umpire   through   the   Insurance Appraisal   and   Umpire Association,   Inc.      (IAUA).      He   focuses   on losses    throughout    Southern    California,    such    as    the    damages    caused    by    the    2003    San Bernardino mountain fires in which he served as an expert for several major carriers. COMPLETE LIST OF CREDENTIALS >
Adjust First Benefits AdjustFirst  - Properly submits your claim to the insurance carrier fulfilling your duties under the conditions section  of  your policy AdjustFirst - Prepares itemized list of damages including dwelling and personal property AdjustFirst - Negotiates with your  insurance carrier to maximize your settlement amount
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 Commercial Fire Damage  Offer:  $287,262.88 Settlement:  $405,609.46 Increase:  41% Owner:  Investor Commercial property suffered damage to four units.  AdjustFirst represented insured and negotiated a fair settlement offer including loss of income. Residential Fire Damage  Offer:  Claim Denied Settlement:  $170,179.61 Increase:  N/A Owner:  Home Owner Insurance Carrier denied the entire claim under the Vacancy Clause in the policy.  AdjustFirst represented and overturned the denial for a fair settlement offer of $170,179.61. Commercial Fire Damage  Offer:  $51,657.22 Settlement:  $104,326.86 Increase:  101% Owner:  Investor Commercial fire damage with sub-sequential damage to one unit.  Insurance carrier did not want to rewire complete unit.  AdjustFirst negotiated a fair settlement offer with the complete rewire of the entire unit.
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