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AdjustFirst Public Adjusters Call Today to  speak to one of our experts: (562) 553-2351 We represent the insured
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Initial Offer: $0.00   Final Settlement: $145,215.32


  1.  Report Claim
  2.  Prepare Detailed Estimates
  3.  Negotiate Settlement
  4.  Maximize Settlement


Who We Are

AdjustFirst is a licensed public adjusting firm that specializes in insurance claims.

We Work For You

Public Adjusters are licensed by the California Department of Insurance and only represent the insured.

What We Do

AdjustFirst represents you before the insurance company.  We interpret your policy and submit all required documentation as required by the insurance contract.

Maximize Your Settlement

Our Adjusters work on claims everyday.  We have the time and experience in the preparation of your claim.  We are very familiar with the rules and regulations of the insurance industry and Fair Claims Practices.

AdjustFirst Benefits

AdjustFirst - Properly submits your claim to the insurance carrier fulfilling your duties under the conditions section  of  your policy

AdjustFirst - Prepares itemized list of damages including dwelling and personal property

AdjustFirst -  Schedules onsite meetings with your insurance carrier providing  access as required under the conditions  section of your policy

AdjustFirst - Negotiates with your  insurance carrier to maximize your settlement amount

AdjustFirst - Monitors your claim to make sure the insurace carrier and adjuster follow all insurance regulations under the Fair Claims Practice Act

Adjust First is a group of licensed public adjusters who negotiate claims on the behalf of the insured under insurance policy covering real or personal property.  The insured has certain requirements under the conditions section of the policy.  If these requirements are not met, the insurer may deny the entire claim.  The advantage of a public adjuster is that you have a representative between you and the insurance company with years of training in preparing, advising, submitting, and settling your claim to the maximum amount.  As a public adjuster, we are licensed and registered with the California Department of Insurance.

A public adjuster, for a small percentage of the claim will act on behalf of the insured in negotiating the claim of damage under your insurance policy.  The settlement amount is increased due to the proper claims presentation to your insurance carrier.  

Adjust First will represent your claim before your insurance. You will not have to worry about saying the wrong thing to your insurance company and jeopardizing your claim.


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